A Toddler Locked Himself In A Car Accidentally And Has Loads Of Fun Getting Rescued

One of the more frightening things that a parent may have to deal with is when their children does something inside of the car that is rather dangerous. That was a case for this 14 month old lad named Brandon Emery. He accidentally locked himself in the vehicle when he was on a shopping trip with his mom last week. Don’t worry, everything turned out okay.

When this toddler climbed into the front seat from the backseat while she was loading groceries in the car, he pushed the button and locked everything. Unfortunately, she was unable to retrieve the lad because her key was in the car as well. Some children would’ve been panicked over the situation, and there is no doubt that the mother was quite nervous. As it turns out, he had a lot of fun in the end.

As is often the case, firefighters were not very far away and they were quick to arrive to help this young lad get out of the vehicle. He was actually having a lot of fun when the firefighters got there and watched as they were trying to decide what to do in order to get him out of the vehicle. At that point, he did put a coin in his mouth so they broke the car window right away but it turned out to be a rather amusing experience and they got some funny pictures as a result of the rescue.

Brandon was quite happy over the rescue and the look on his face was precious. In fact, he wasn’t traumatized over the ordeal at all but rather, he was having more fun than a child in that situation should ever have. You better believe that these pictures are going to come up at every family gathering from this point for the rest of his life.

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