A Labrador Steals The Show When She Starts Changing Colors

One of the most difficult things for many pet owners is choosing the breed of dog that they will have in their home. For some people, choosing a dog from a shelter is the best choice but for others, they research the breed of the dog and try to choose one that would typically have a personality that fit right in with the entire household. For many people, this means getting a Labrador retriever. After all, these big, beautiful dogs are not only adorable, they have a heart of gold and they will be there for you through thick and thin. At times, however, we may find that they have a health problem and that is the case with one Labrador named Blaze.

Pictures of Blaze were put online on social media and when it happened, the dog went viral. This Labrador has become a social media star from his home country of Finland. He is also suffering from a health condition known as vitiligo. That condition is not typically seen in a dog but when it is, it affects them similar to how humans are affected. The dog skin will start to lose pigmentation. That has caused Blade to look quite unusual and tens of thousands of people around the world are liking his pictures.

Blaze is 10 years old and he has a speckled white coat with black spots. The fact that the coat has a lot of white in it is because of the condition that he is facing. Other than that, he is a Labrador like any other and up until recently, he looked similar to any other Labrador. When he started to develop a white patch on his ear, however, his owner became concerned and then the patches began to grow.

This is one dog that has a heart of gold and, even though he has some health problems, he still loves going out with his humans and having a nice day. His owner said that he is healthy and energetic and he also enjoys making people happy. That sounds just like a Labrador to me!

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