99% Of Adults Can’t Find ‘C’ In Less Than 7 Seconds. Can You?

Do you enjoy taking tests? It doesn’t matter how old we are, we probably still get chills when we think about taking tests at school. They just seem to come out of the blue and it doesn’t matter how much we prepare, we rarely ever feel as if we are completely ready to take them. Most of us would be happy if we never had to take that type of test again in our life. Then again, there are certain types of tests that we may enjoy.

Do you enjoy doing puzzles? They are actually a type of test but rather than testing yourself academically, you are typically testing your skills in some way or another. Perhaps you think of Sudoku, as that is a game that can keep you mentally sharp. Other types of puzzles that you may enjoy include crossword puzzles, word finds and even checkers or chess. If you’re somebody that enjoys playing those types of games, you might just enjoy trying this.

You are going to see a field of letters in front of you that looks like one big jumbled mess. They are all the same letter, the letter O but hidden in among the Os is a C. It seems as if it would be easy to find the C in this field but 99% of all adults who try it takes several minutes to do so.

If you want a little bit of strategy, you could try looking at the entire field rather than trying to scan it to find the odd letter. Don’t focus on one particular spot on the field because it will make it harder for you to find the letter in time.

If you are ready, go ahead and give it a test for yourself. Some people will find it very quickly but the majority will take several minutes or perhaps even up to 10 minutes to find it. It really depends upon your skill but if you’re awesome, you will find it quickly.

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