94-Year-Old Man Builds A New Pool In His Backyard For The Entire Neighborhood

When the weather gets warm outside, most people find that their attention turns to discovering new and enjoyable ways to cool off. Perhaps the most enjoyable way of all is to have a nice swim in a swimming pool. If you happen to have one in your yard, then you have a convenient way to stay cool all summer long. That was the case in one neighborhood, very similar to many neighborhoods where children enjoy playing and the older folks sometimes enjoy watching at other times, just try to keep to themselves.

Fortunately, for the children in that neighborhood, there was a retired District Court judge who also had a kind heart. He was going through a very difficult time because he had lost his wife and he decided that he was going to deal with his grief in a very unique way, by helping others. Rather than locking himself up in his house and avoiding the world altogether, he had a swimming pool built in his backyard and opened it up for the entire neighborhood to enjoy. Even though the neighbors thought that it was a little odd at first, the inground pool turned out to be a very enjoyable place for all of the kids and many of the adults.

The pool itself is 32 feet long and at the deep end, it is 9 feet deep. There is a diving board and plenty of room to enjoy it. After one of the neighbors saw how he was creating such an oasis in his yard, she told her husband that she was amazed he continued on with his idea. That neighbor, Jessica, goes to his house on a regular basis with her children.

It isn’t just a matter of sharing something nice with others, he also gets a lot of enjoyment out of the process. He gets to watch children playing in the backyard and the smile on his face that you see in the video is evidence of the fact that he made a great decision.


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