4-Year-Old Is Left In Hot Car, Calls 911, And Saves 7 People

When it comes to raising children, I think we would all agree that at times, we need to agree to disagree. We each have our own particular style and we may do things differently than somebody else. In many cases, there is no right or wrong answer and it is just a matter of personal choice. That being said, there are also certain things that we would never do, and included in that list is leaving a young child in a car during a hot day unattended! It almost goes without saying but then again, somebody did it and the loss was almost more than anybody should ever have to go through.

It happened when a 37-year-old woman left her vehicle for ‘about 10 minutes’ when she went into a shopping mall. She left seven children in the car with the windows rolled up in the car was not running, so there wasn’t any air conditioning on at the time. The youngest child was two years old and the oldest child was four years old. Although she initially said that she was only in the mall for about 10 minutes, the officers did some investigating and discovered that it was at least 20 minutes that she was inside shopping. Fortunately, the children are safe and it is all due to the action of the oldest child.

The oldest child decided that he had enough of the hot car so he called 911. When they receive a call from a child, he said that he was in the car unattended and had six other children with him. He didn’t know where they were about they used the GPS and some other mechanisms to determine that they were at the St. Charles Town Center.

Fortunately, the police were able to get there on time and all of the children are safe. The woman, who was the mother of two of the children and babysitting the rest is being charged with the confinement of children inside a motor vehicle.

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