23-Year-Old Woman With 11 Kids Wants To Have Many More

Ask anyone who has children and they will tell you, it’s not always the easiest thing to do in life. In fact, many parents will be very quick to tell you that having children changed their life, sometimes for the better and sometimes it made life a little more difficult. If you happen to be 23-year-old Christina Ozturk, however, having children is the only thing you are interested in doing. This young mother actually has 11 children at the age of 23 and she is interested in having many more. It seems amazing, but it is a true story of a young woman who wants something out of life that many people would want to stop short of.

Victoria was the first child born to Christina when she was only 17 years old. At the time, she became a single mother but when she was on vacation, she met her husband who is still married to her to this day. She claims that it was love at first sight and he asked her to marry him and wanted to have a lot of children together. Interestingly, the majority of the children were born to Christina at the same time, so they are the same age. Because it is impossible to have so many children at the same time, they decided to use surrogate mothers in order to grow their family very quickly. She’s the biological mother, even if she did not give birth to all of them.

Not only is she a great mother, her husband is a great father as well. He provides well for the family, at 56 years old he is a millionaire and he gives them everything they need. They even have nannies and a number of assistants to help them care for all of the children, which is quite a large job to manage.

Christina and her husband also divide responsibilities, caring for the children while the other is busy. While he is working, she takes care of the children but they do a lot of quality things together, such as going for walks, watching movies, and playing board games. Seems like the beginning of a very nice family.

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