20 People Who Are ‘Staying Away’ From Alcohol For A Long While

Getting wasted is great to let go of your trouble temporarily. Assuming you’re not causing another trouble during the time period, you were drunk. Yet, that was exactly what happened to these people who got so drunk they were completely turning into different people altogether.

Going over the limit opens the door to a whole new world most people would like to close for the rest of their lives.

“Got drunk and let my daughter do my makeup, lol. Don’t need upvotes. Just enjoy the fun laughs!”

Just how much is too much?

“My roommate got drunk and made a new shower curtain.”

What the hell happens when you’re drunk? The thing with alcohol is that everyone’s tolerance to it is different, and it also brings out different things depending on the person. Intoxication happens when your body is not breaking down the alcohol fast enough that it’s starting to affect your neurotransmitters.

“Drunken google searches got me to communist public benches in India…”
“My girlfriend called me upset but didn’t give me any details, turned out she got drunk and locked herself out of the apartment.”
“My new liquor cabinet came from Amazon.”
“I put a pizza in the oven drunk at 3 am and immediately passed out on the floor.”
“I made a bar out of an old TV.”
“Cat doors. I just shaved my legs.”
“New York is even more beautiful when you’re seeing double the skylines.”

Drunk people may seem more aggressive and loses inhibitions in their personalities. On the other hand, they might blackout or completely forget what happened. Alcohol may overexcite some neurons while inhibiting others, according to this study review.

“Told my fiancé I didn’t get that drunk last night. She showed me this picture this morning. Apparently, I was getting frustrated with our dog because he wouldn’t answer the banana phone.”
She almost got the right door.
“And this is why I don’t drink unhealthy amounts of sake around my boyfriend’s friends anymore.”
“My drunk neighbor waking up for a smoke break.”
“The Cloon. I’m too drunk to go buy disposable silverware, so I present my clothes hanger spoon(?).”
“Random gent already done at 2 pm on this fine Sunday.”
“Drunk Amazon shopping led to a nice surprise.”

Another incredible thing about alcohol is how it’s socially accepted by many, unlike other types of drug abuse. Alcohol integrates deeply into the society of many communities around the world. But that also makes it one of the most dangerous and commonly abused substances.

“Just needed a little nap.”
“Got drunk and bought a trumpet last night. My cat is bewildered.”
“The Creation of Adam (c. 1508-1512).”
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