11 True Glitches In The Matrix That Will Blow Your Mind

There are certain times when we may face situations in life that just don’t seem to fit in with life in general. At times, it may be a sense of déjà vu or at other times, it just may be looking at the world around us and feeling as if something doesn’t quite fit in. Those are the moments that tend to be mind-blowing.

When the movie, The Matrix, came out, it really got a lot of people thinking about life in general. Suddenly, the possibility that we were living inside of a computer-generated matrix was more real than many people would like to think. If there’s one thing that it certainly did do, however, it was that it got people looking around and noticing when little glitches begin to occur in the world. They have been there all along, but now they seem to take on an entirely different meaning.

As an example, have you ever had a friend and it just seems as if the two of you are on the same pathway, even if you are apart for quite some time? Perhaps you go to work dressed up in a particular way and someone else decided that they would dress the exact same way! These are just a few of the examples of the possible glitches of the matrix that would allow us to know that something isn’t quite right in the world around us.

The following 11 pictures are other examples of glitches in the matrix and they are sure to take you by surprise. You will see that there is everything from identical twins to repeating time frames and at times, it is downright scary.

1. Every Booth Is an Alternate Reality

2. These Two Guys Entered the Metro and They Don’t Even Know Each Other

3. A Double Glitch

4. This Is a Leaked Photo of a Rare Event

5. This Will Get You to Do a Double Take

6. Another Glitch in the Matrix

7. Something Is Wrong

8. Stepping outside of the Picture

9. A Reversal Glitch

10. Am I Seeing Double?

11. The matrix is real!

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